Producing and commercial enterprise for service to diplomatic corps and foreign contingent

Explore our amazing diplomatic deals and purchase your favourite car at a very attractive price. Perfect and personalized INTERAUTOCENTER takes pride in being able to help you with any problems in customs and GIBDD you wish to have. Through phone or e-mail you can let us know what you want, when and where. Our team provides you with independent advice on diplomatic regulations.

Are you based in Moscow and do you want to buy a new car? INTERAUTOCENTER offers you an extensive diplomatic car sales program. We have more than 20 years of experience in car business and because of that we are the leading specialist in diplomatic car sales.

Thanks to our vast experience in supplying international customers and our importers from over 100 embassies and international organizations, we are capable of finding a perfect solution for every diplomatic customer, be it selling individual vehicles, supplying the fleets for all embassies or complex solutions for the whole of diplomatic corps.


We will answer your questions from 10:00 to 18:00 Moscow time.

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Want to sell your car?

If you are a Diplomat in Moscow, now going back to your home country and wishing to sell your car in Moscow, we have cash buying service for your car in Moscow. We buy all kind of cars, both old and new models.

Shipping your car from Russia

If you are moving back to your home country or just want to ship your car from Russia, we can assist you with vehicle pickup from your place, complicated paperwork, Russian customs clearance, and car shipment to any country of the world.

Closing customs procedure «temporary import»

  • Utilization of your old or damaged car;
  • Issue you car "refusal to Russian state";
  • Make customs clearance, pay duties.


We are located in the Diplomatic terminal, Moscow customs and diplomatic department GIBDD, As a professional organization, with experience in diplomatic service , we offer you the whole range of services with your cars and goods.

  • Tax-free prices for diplomatic cars;
  • Shipment to or from your desired port;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Extensive choice of cars;
  • Assessment and expertise;
  • Buying and selling tax-free cars, yachts and plans.
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